Roy Igo, Sr. started working in the oil fields of Oklahoma and Texas in 1916. He was joined by son, Roy Igo, Jr., in the early 1930's. Together they "rough necked," drilled, pushed tools, and eventually became drilling superintendents for various petroleum companies.

In 1953, Roy Jr., his wife Dorothy and young sons, Ronald and Gary, moved to Bogota Colombia, South America. Roy supervised the drilling and completion of the first oil and gas wells in Colombia. They all returned to the USA in 1957.

Roy Sr. and Roy Jr. started General Oilfield Service located in Roundup, Montana in 1957. They started out with a truck mounted single drum - single pole well service work-over rig. In the 1960's Ronald and Gary joined the family business working as rig crew members. With no power tubing or rod tongs they carried on the hard working tradition of the "roughneck."

In 1965 the company moved to Sterling, Colorado. While in Colorado, the Igos continued the work-over rig services and kept setting the standard for hard work.

In 1968, the Belle Creek Oil boom was in full swing. The family moved its operation to Biddle, Montana, and jumped in with both feet. During this time hot oil units and vacuum trucks were added to complement their services. The business name was changed to Igo Oil Well Service, Inc.

In 1970, the business expanded to Recluse, Wyoming. This period brought the end of the well service rigs. They were sold and the focus became the hot oil unit and vacuum truck service.

Gary and his wife Connie moved to Gillette, Wyoming in 1973. Soon, Gary's service area reached south to Douglas, Wyoming, where the oil field was young and booming. Gary and his family moved to Douglas in 1975 to expand the business. With one hot oil unit, much hard work and many blessings, Gary built the foundation and reputation of the company that is still doing business today. Gary's oldest son Lee joined the company in 1989, with his youngest son, Ryan, joining in 1996. Both Lee and Ryan started their careers driving vacuum trucks and then moved on to operating hot oil units and other equipment.

Since moving to Douglas the company's services have grown from that single hot oil unit to a fleet totaling almost thirty pieces of equipment. Igo Oil Field Services is the most well rounded service company in the region. It includes vacuum tanker transports, tubing hydrotesters, ten thousand pound hot oil units, winch trucks, flat beds, vacuum trucks and 400 bbl frac tanks. Since 1998, Lee Igo has run the day to day operations of the company, handling the ever increasing work load. In 2004, Ryan took over segments of the day to day operations and manages the basic framework of the business.

Igo Oil Field Services Community Responsibility

Presently, Igo Oil Field Service contracts to all of Wyoming, as well as parts of Colorado, North and South Dakota, Montana and Utah. The company employs approximately 30 people who are the backbone of our services. Friendly, hard working, and dependable employees are one of our major strengths. We place an extreme emphasis on safety and strive to have a safe working environment for all of our employees. We take pride in our work force by giving them all the information and training they need to do the job safely and efficiently. It is our on-going goal to provide superior employees and equipment to fulfill whatever needs our customers have.