In 1970, the business expanded to Recluse, Wyoming. This period brought the end of the well service rigs. They were sold and the focus became the hot oil unit and vacuum truck service.

Gary and his wife Connie moved to Gillette, Wyoming in 1973. Soon, Gary's service area reached south to Douglas, Wyoming, where the oil field was young and booming. Gary and his family moved to Douglas in 1975 to expand the business. With one hot oil unit, much hard work and many blessings, Gary built the foundation and reputation of the company that is still doing business today. Gary's oldest son Lee joined the company in 1989, with his youngest son, Ryan, joining in 1996. Both Lee and Ryan started their careers driving vacuum trucks and then moved on to operating hot oil units and other equipment.

Since moving to Douglas the company's services have grown from that single hot oil unit to a fleet totaling almost thirty pieces of equipment. Igo Oil Field Services is the most well rounded service company in the region. It includes vacuum tanker transports, tubing hydrotesters, ten thousand pound hot oil units, winch trucks, flat beds, vacuum trucks and 400 bbl frac tanks. Since 1998, Lee Igo has run the day to day operations of the company, handling the ever increasing work load. In 2004, Ryan took over segments of the day to day operations and manages the basic framework of the business.